Cruise themed YW New Beginnings-Free Printables

When it comes to organizing an event, I think the most delightful difference between females and males is probably that a females feel compelled to theme, color coordinate and cutsie every aspect of the experience. A male on the other hand…well…lets just say I grew up with 3 brothers and I clearly remember invitations to activities were swiftly hand written notes that were photocopied. I was also quite shocked to walk in on one of their big camp planning meeting (with only 2 week prior to the camp, no less) to find out that they had NO THEME, crafts planned, OR decorations for their camp site!!! When I asked about it, I remember those males were in bigger shock that we actually brought things like that up to camp.
My question is–What is the point if it won’t be pretty or over the top creative??

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on making the invitation. It was an envelope containing a boarding pass. Click HERE if you want use this design with your event info

Anyway. With this year’s Mutual theme being,  “O ye that embark in the service of God, see that ye serve him with all your heart, might, mind and strength that ye may stand blameless before God at the last day.”, we all went nautical nutty and decided on a cruise ship theme.  With a surge of genius, though not without the help of pintrest (my, have planning meetings changed. Each girl, phone in hand swiping upward to get some insPINation…) here is what the ladies came up with. young-womens-new-beginnings-nautical-theme-welcome-aboard

The whole night was a cruise ship experience. We had a lovely cruise director (Kensie, Check out her art!) that welcomed everyone and explained the voyage. To begin we had everyone reach under their seats where they found these life preservers. The captain (the Bishop) gave safety instructions needed to go about our ‘journey’ and make sure we used all the values found on the life savers. To complete the safety procedure, we each ‘put on’ our life savers and recited the YW theme.lifesaver-handout_sm-values-lifesaver-handout

For quick and easy way to achieve similar awesomeness, I am giving you FREE printables for some of the things I got to design. Here is the small life preservers file:

[Download not found]


Our cruise director continued with the journey with help of  a powerpoint presentation. This Embark video was the perfect way to start the night. Each Young Women Value was a different port with a different experience. For instance Divine Nature bay a getting to know you activity where a Laurel read clues (gathered before hand through a questionnaire given to each YW) about a young women and the passengers had to guess who it was.

Here is a poster we used. This can be used for NB, class room or whatever.

crusie_values poster_values poster

[Download not found]


Here are the lifesavers with all the youngvwomen values:


[Download not found]


We had this backdrop near the entrance that we later used as a photobooth.  It was a plastic background found at walmart for like $3 bucks.


Because we all know everyone prefers ocean water to fresh water, we added this sign to add the perfect touch.


These sail boat cupcakes!!! Eeeee. So cute. We have some talented leaders!




Can’t go wrong with goldfish in a bowl.


Oh. And this is me and my baby.

Click here for more free LDS/Young Women Lesson handouts and ideas.



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