Why was a restoration of the Gospel necessary?

I taught a Young Women’s called “Why was a restoration necessary”  and it really put into perspective the significance of the restoration of the Gospel. It is so exciting that truths, revelation, ordinances, authority and prophets that were available when Jesus Christ originally set up His church is once again here on earth to guide and bless our lives!!

I LOVED Elder Scott’s talk, “Prepartions for the Restoration and Second Coming” because it was a clear and personal witness to me that God is willing and eager to bless His children with TRUTH anytime we are willing and ready to receive it. Even though the fullness of Christ Gospel was taken from the earth, Heavenly Father’s hand in guiding and inspiring mankind to receive it once again is evident throughout history.


It is interesting to me that there had to be lots of things set IN MOTION as mankind grew, matured and developed (just as we do individually) to bring about the right circumstances for a young boy to ask God which church he should join. There had to be a spiritual maturity in mankind itself for the Gospel to return in a sustainable way. This maturity was brought about by curiosity and a strong desire to know TRUTH. This included secular learning and questioning current social norms and  widely accepted beliefs. Above all, a fierce trust in something and someone greater than themselves. Many gave up their LIVES for the sake of truth, after all!

To illustrate the chain of events that happened to bring about the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ I brought these toy gears–once again my kid’s toys serving as inspiration 🙂 — I explained that there had to be certain events, inventions, exploration and mentalities put in MOTION that led the way to the restoration.

I used address labels (cut in half) and wrote on them.

First we talked about why there need to be a restoration. Then we read Elder Scott’s ENTIRE talk together (starting at the 4th paragraph..After the Savior’s Resurrection..). We took turns and read a paragraph  at a time. I added any additional thoughts, restarted/paraphrased to highlight important details as we read. I added a gear for each of the following things that occurred:

  • Renaissance. intresting in learning began to grow
  • John Wycliffe Translation of Bible into English
  • Johannes Gutenberg: Printing press. Bible printed.
  • Christopher Columbus: Exploration of new lands
  • William Tyndale: Through education, love for God’s word increases Martin Luther: Reformation of the church
  • Martin Luther: Reformation of the church
  •  William Tyndale: translated the New Testament and a portion of the Old Testament.
  • King Henry VIII: common people had access to God’s word
  • English King James: New version of the Bible
  • Pilgrims: Seek freedom in new lands
  • Bill of Rights Religious freedom in America
  • Joseph Smith First Vision, Restoration of the Gospel: Ordinances and Keys restored
  •  Our day: Our work, Our faith!!
  •  Second Coming of our Savior Jesus Christ

I love that even the events of what it took to receive the ‘pieces’ of the fullness of the Gospel, its truths, ordinances and priesthood powers (see Priesthood Lesson post ) came little by little as Joseph Smith and inspired men and women were ready to receive them.


The culminating part of this object lesson was the restoration but ALSO that now that it is HERE, WE are the NEXT PIECE…that’s US. All those events in history were set in motion for the restoration, NOW what WE experience, do and live will prepare the way for the SECOND COMING!!! IT IS OUR DAY, OUR WORK AND OUR FAITH!!! How cool is that?

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