Give Loving Service Calendar

I taught Primary on Sundays at my church and sometimes there is a handout of sorts. There was a give loving services calendar that was part of the lesson and I ended up scanning it and modifying it a little to bit be more functional for the kids by making it a ‘dry erase’ calendar to be used throughout the year. This way they have an idea each day of what kinds of service they could do. I have it on my fridge and people ask me all the time where I got it so here it is for the whole world to have access to and use.


Here is my version, click on it to download pdf.

Download “Give loving service Calendar” give-loving-service-calendar.pdf – Downloaded 7140 times – 2 MB

Print on an 8.5×11 sheet slip into a sheet protector (or laminate or in frame with glass) to make it dry erase or wet erase, you can even slap a magnet on the back. Enjoy some loving service givin’!

Here is what the original if you would like to view/download it.