A fresh take on Repentance

Watch the video to see how to tie this printable with an airplane analogy that will help your class really grasp this fresh take on repentance.

It’s easy to think that sin is merely a sinful action and repenting is stopping the sinful action. If you think about it is in the LEAVING our state of love or who we really are that is the sin (watch video to help explain). It Is forgetting who we really are. When we feel out of alignment we are in blame or shame and if we stay there and believe it and operate from that state, that is when our behavior will reflect that feeling. And that behavior is what is typically considered the “sin”

We don’t sin bc we are bad, I believe sin comes bc we BELIEVE we are bad or less then. That belief and feeling THEN drive us to behaviors that do NOT honor who we truly are.

Ok example here. Let’s say we don’t feel we are enough (the first step out of alignment is believing something not true about yourself) and that in that state of lack we are actually MORE driven to PROVE to everyone and ourselves we ARE enough.  THE LIE feels bad and now we need to prove to everyone that we are not that lie! #weirdbrainlogic

We are more likely to do things to get attention and approval, to create all sorts of dysfunction and disorders, we want to find love in all the places it doesn’t exist, we want to cheat, lie, steal, to get our way to be seen and heard. 

All to disprove a lie, to begin with. 

Instead of all that we can settle down and believe in the TRUTH! The truth will set you free, in fact. And the truth is surprisingly kind and loving. 

The truth reminds us to take full accountability and responsibility for our thoughts feelings and actions. To own it all as our creation, to stay out of blame and shame and begin to create from a place of truth and love instead. 

The truth is WE ARE ENOUGH. Believing the truth and feeling the love behind it is liberating! We can relax and bring our tired souls to rest. 

When we believe and truly feel our identity it as children of God and we feel that immense love and truth…guess what happens?

Our behavior changes.

We no longer identify with the bad feelings which tell us we are bad and sinful, we see ourselves as God sees us. As our true selves: abundant, GOOD honest true peaceful, and joyful. God sees us in our perfection and wholeness. When we can view ourselves in our own wholeness our BEHAVIOR begins to MATCH that truth.

This truth has literally changed EVERYTHING for me and my life. I when I feel bad, I give myself grace and know that I can return to my true state of love again. It pulls me out of the blame and shame. It helps take the simple steps to recover and return the the delicious state Heavenly state of having the Spirit of God with me again.

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    I believe in Family

    It wasn’t until I had a family of my own that I came to better realize the importance and sweetness found in family life. As I learned to put family relationships first (see this post) I have come to know more joy and gain more eternal understanding. I have found and felt the eternal depth of the sacred relationships within the family. These priceless relationships are the substance of eternity. They go beyond this mortal realm. They are more valuable than any worldly thing, possession, status or achievement. There is nothing that brings more joy, satisfaction, and mortal education as does a family.

    I’m preparing for the young women lesson titled, “Why is family so important?”  Here is a basic lesson outline, worksheet and handout I created.



    Here is the same image but as a small handout (4 on a page).

    Download “It is what God gave Us time for PDF” it-is-what-god-gave-us-time-for-4-on-a-pg-1.pdf – Downloaded 1250 times – 391 KB


    why is family so important worksheet-01

    Download “Why is family so important worksheet” why-is-family-so-important-worksheet.pdf – Downloaded 1366 times – 176 KB

    • Introduce lesson- Imagine a friend asking them, “Why are families so important in your church?” Go around and let each girl answer.

    • Handout “Why is family so important” worksheet and let have an initial take on filling it out.

    • Pass out Sister Beck’s talk, “Teaching doctrine of the family” and highlight the “Threats to the family section.”

    • Have girls continue to fill out worksheet with additional info from Sister Beck’s talk.

    • Have them share and discuss any additional thoughts they have with the class.

    • If there is time, watch “Having faith in Children” video.