FREE Lighthouse “The Lord is my Light” themed invitations and program for your event

I design stuff for events in my church all the time and I figure, since I’ve already  created the file, I might as well just share it for others to benefit from, eh? Hmm, basically one of the main why I created this entire website.  Yep. These are FREE for you to go nuts and throw a lighthouse/nautical themed Evening in Excellence, Relief Society activity, and whatever have you. Here is what ours looks like with the text. light house invitation-06

If you want to make a similar invite, I invite you to right click on the image and ‘save as’  to download onto your computer. Then open it on any image editing software like photoshop or any  FREE online places like Pixlar or picmonkey to add your personalized text.  Print as photos.light house invitation-07

Here is one for activities that are not evening of excellencelight house invitation-08



Here is the program that is designed to be printed on an 8.5×11 and folded in half: font and back:ligthhouse-program-09

Inside design:ligthhouse-program-10

Below is the pdf download for the program. To edit use editing software like adobe illustrator or photoshop but of course if you don’t have any on your computer you can always use online editors such as this one: PDFescape and PDF Buddy.

Download “The lord is my light program blank” lighthouse-the-lord-in-my-light-program-blank.pdf – Downloaded 1728 times – 2 MB


I am not currently accepting orders to customize programs or invites. Thank you for understanding..

Self Reliance

I love the topic of self reliance. When we use the inspiration and resources Heavenly Father grants us to get our own act together, we can live in more harmony and more easily and willingly bless the lives of those around us.

Really, a ‘drowning’ person can do little to save another ‘drowning person’ When we learn to ‘swim’ and thrive in an area, we can also be there to bless to others. We are also in a place to share, show and teach another to gain self reliance. Together we can thrive together! It is a beautiful thing. This worksheet outlines the areas of self reliance described in section 6.1.1 of the Handbook 2.self reliance worksheet-01


Here is the download for the worksheet above in PDF form.

Download “Self Reliance Worksheet” self-reliance-worksheet.pdf – Downloaded 1474 times – 281 KB


You can have students fill out the different areas with information they find in scriptures, talks, their own thoughts. Including what they can personally do in each area to help them become more self-sufficient is also a great idea.

Other Come Follow Me lesson in NOVEMBER..

Why is it important for me to gain an education and develop skills?P

This is material created for the Come follow me Young Women’s Lesson: Why is it important for me to gain an education and develop skills? Though it can be used for any lesson regarding the importance of seeking learning and

Click on download below for above handout (6 on a page).

Download “Seek learning by study and faith handout” seek-learning-by-study-faith-handout.pdf – Downloaded 1615 times – 108 KB

This is how I presented this lesson using the worksheet below. Please remember that these are just suggestions and ideas. The inspiration you personally receive for your students as you prepare is far more valuable than a fixed lesson plan created by someone else.

• Ask girls why it is important to gain and education and develop skills. (Encourage an open discussion or go around and have each girl say something.}
• Pass out worksheet and have them fill out the first section with ideas they have already mentioned or heard talk about.
• Divide scriptures (found on side box of worksheet) among the girls and have them quietly read and write more insight based on their scripture and then share what they read, wrote or learned with the class.
HAPPY NOTE: the top half of this worksheet completes knowledge value experience 1!


Importance of education worksheet-02

Download “The lord is my light program blank” lighthouse-the-lord-in-my-light-program-blank.pdf – Downloaded 1728 times – 2 MB



This bottom half is about applying the lesson. I encouraged my students to cut off the bottom half and hang it somewhere where they could see it everyday.  I believe that If you are reminded daily of what you value and want most, guess what??? You increase the chances of actually carrying it through! Getting started is the hardest part, creating an actionable step (and making it totally attainable) in the bottom box helps initiate the momentum to successfully accomplishing what you want.


GOOD NEWS, if they do it, it can help pass of the Individual Worth Project 5! Woot.

Other “Come Follow Me” lessons in NOVEMBER.