How do I strengthen my Testimony?

I’m really excited about this new site!! Here is where you can find all the faith building lessons, object lessons and handouts originally found on in one place. The materials here, although created for my current calling in church (YW teacher) are designed to be used for any calling, any faith,  to teach your family or for personal use.

Today’s topic, TESTIMONY!! Testimony is a personal witness of TRUTH given to us by the  Holy Ghost. Is that awesome or what?? That means we can actually rise above our limited human preconceived notions, stubborn lifetime conditioning that has been programed in our brains and come to know pure undefiled TRUTH for ourselves. Things as they really are, as they have been and will be. It is a power given to us through the Holy Ghost. The Spirit of Truth. (Jacob 4:13)

We can know for ourselves things that are not otherwise tangible or easy for our mortal minds to understand. That is the gift God grants us, that through a power greater than us, we can actually allow our spirits to come to a knowledge of things of the Spirit: Things beyond the physical, tangible or evident. The coolest things is that we can really come to know things of the Spirit (as intangible as it may seem) and feel and KNOW things in a very clear way and REAL way. Our minds can come to understand things in an Eternal perspective and come to know our Creator better.

We can gain a testimony that there is a God, that He cares personally about you. You can come to better understand  any principle of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

How is this done? How can we better come to a better understanding of things of Heavenly Father and Eternity? Use this worksheet to find out!


Here is the download  link in pdf!

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Here is a video that explains how a FATBOY ICECREAM © is like gaining a testimony!


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