Understanding and sharing light.

 This is a journal entry I wrote a few month ago when there was a lot of commotion and tension due to differing religious/moral beliefs floating around in social media. It was my way of sorting out my own feelings and beliefs. Since then, I’ve had the impression to share my feelings publicly in hopes that it could help those in search of truth and light. These are just my personal opinions based on my understanding of light, love and truth but hopefully it can help you form your own. It is our divine destiny to know and understand truth for ourselves.
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Sometimes I have a hard time defending my beliefs. Not because I don’t know what I believe or I am afraid to be made fun of or be wrong, etc..but simply because if it I comes off as YOU are wrong and evil and I am right and righteous I have cause an unnecessary and counterproductive reaction. As soon as a person feels attacked as a person their defenses interfere from my message. Everything I say will now only prove how wrong and close minded I am. I have only reinforced their own beliefs and in their mind further shut down my own. Not only is it futile but quite destructive and goes against the very message of hope and love intended. The biggest problem for me is that it create SEPARATION among the human race. It breaks up unity.
See, we are all God’s children. His only purpose and desire is that we attain as much light, truth, wisdom and love as we are willing to receive because that is how we get to attain the joy and glory He enjoys.
We are ALL in this effort together.  All the people on this mortal sphere chose God (truth, love and light) because they are here on this earth. Attacking one another because our beliefs don’t align and causing separation causes our own light to recede. The battle isn’t who’s righteous and who’s evil. We are all God’s children with our divine inheritance being His light. We are ALL inherently light and GOOD.
Coming to earth meant joining with a mortal body. They are the temple to our spirit and can serve us to fulfill the purpose of light and truth. The body, for survival sake, comes with strong primitive urges and defense mechanisms that can cause us to deviate from our mission. That means that we can be blinded to light and truth because of the strong impulses from our DNA and environmental conditioning of the human mind and body. This can cause a blindness, or darkness that is only covering up the light we really are.  Our most divine goal is dispelling the darkness by embracing the light.
The great news is that we are not just body and mind. We are indeed spirit. That spirit is connected to the source of all light and truth. The more we rely on the spirit to guide us instead of merely our conditioning, impulses and reactions to life, the more light our mortal minds and bodies can understand light and wisdom and be TRAINED to know LOVE.
Truly the spirit can overcome the flesh. Truly our spirit can redirect and bring our bodies and mind to the level of light and truth!
How do we come to know light and truth? We choose it. That choice begins with humility. Anytime we choose love over anger. Anytime we choose to be compassionate over frustrated over someone. Anytime we choose to share goodness and truth instead of hatred and contempt. Anytime we choose to forgive instead of attempt to withhold love from someone that has offended us.  Anytime we choose stillness over frantic anxiety. Anytime we choose to connect instead or judge and separate from others. Anytime we choose to change and make amends when we deviate from our truth, our light is awakened again. This is how our light grows, how our soul remembers who it really is and how we train our minds and bodies to align with TRUTH and God.
When we have an alignment with God, our actions, words and entire being is light. That means we do good because we want to. It is our nature, and a good deed is an extension of the joy we feel. Our presence, and nature is the best way to help others remember their own light and truth.

 As times and values change in the world and people make choices that go against their own light, our job was never to judge, criticize, try to change, look down on, scold, hate, reject, neglect, despise, or despair. These are all just reactions of separation, darkness and fear. Our only obligation and greatest commandment was to LOVE. First love God Himself because He is the very source of LOVE. He is how we even have the capacity to fulfill His second commandment and all commandments, which is to love our neighbor as ourself. Love is essentially one complete and encompassing truth. Meaning that we cannot fully love God without loving our neighbor or without fully loving ourselves. As we are filled with God’s love, the capacity to genuinely love and understand others and ourselves becomes natural and instinctive.

God IS the very fountain of water, of life, love and truth.
That is why He has asked us to seek His love first and foremost.  When we are not attached to the source, we are left to our own devices to fill our buckets. We usually fill it with sand or debris or rocks in attempts to fill it up but it only weighs us down and never quenches our thirst for love. It is not real love. When we are connected to Him, we are filled and OVERFLOWING, it is that overflow that allows us to give to others freely. Service, giving, compassion, forgiveness are, at that point, just an extension of our being and nature. We don’t have to give second thought, force ourselves or pride ourselves in this kind of love, it is just who we are and who we feel like being. It is us as our BEST and highest self. It is the path to become more like God as we connect to HIM.

I believe in a God that loves us no matter what. He doesn’t wait for us to change so He can love and help us. It is the very love and help that creates that change within us that then motivates external change. Our main objective is to be in a place to receive that love and help and that place is humility. We are brought there naturally if not willingly. Meaning, when we have exhausted all our own devices and tried so hard to do everything according to our own strength and understanding, we will eventually break down. We are left in a place to receive divine help if we choose it.

I believe that the greatest way to help others come to their own light again is to be a light. To live and align with light itself. If we expect others to change on our behalf, tell them that they are wrong, that they will never be happy with choices they are making or threaten them with hell, their instinct  will mostly likely  be to repel from us. Our true challenge and responsibility is overcoming our own negative judgements and separation against others and learning with the light of TRUTH how to accept them just as they are without fear or impulsive need to change them. We can learn to see them as they really are. We can finally view them them as a souls beyond their current choices. Our influence, that comes from remembering to choose light for ourselves so we are in a position to GIVE light to others, will have a MORE profound effect on the souls of mankind than persecution against their beliefs EVER will.

By it’s nature, truth, light, and love will prevail. Love is the ultimate truth, the guide to all light and wisdom and ultimately what God is and wants US to be. Anything short of that will fail because it will not survive the test of time.

Life teaches it’s own lessons naturally. We learn this in life over and over again whether we realize it or not. Anytime we deviate from love, light and wisdom (God), we will eventually suffer and despair because it simply does not align with truth and our own light.  The last thing we need when we are suffering is for someone to judge and condemn us. We do that enough on our own. The only healing back to our truth comes through love and understanding. When we come back to truth, we are at peace, calm and happy again. When we forget, we will eventually feel it in our suffering and  need to change our mentalities and behavior to align again.

In that way, everyone’s path is perfect. When we make choices against our own light, we make choices that will eventually not work because they are not eternally sustainable choices. We will encounter friction and eventually despair. If we keep holding on to the same mentalities, we will keep making the same choices and create the same despair again. This will continue until, a lot of the time through suffering, we will hopefully eventually surrender in humility and choose to change and adhere to the light with in us. That added light in our understanding changes our PERCEPTIONS, thoughts and emotions towards life and that is what changes the way we do things. I believe this is why we don’t need to focus on changing people’s mind, but focus on sharing truth, understanding, compassion, goodness, love and light. It is that that will awaken what they need to do.

As president Utchdorf said, “we must realize that all of God’s children wear the same jersey. Our team is [mankind]. This mortal life is our playing field. Our goal is to learn to love God and to extend that same love toward our fellowman”

Love, it really is that simple.




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